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Welcome to SDA Deaf Church Down Under. A virtual church for Deaf people.

SDA Deaf Church Down Under was primarily established to provide resources for Deaf people who's home language is Auslan (Australian sign language), and its closely related cousins NZSL (New Zealand sign language) and BSL (British sign language). However, it is also hoped that, as Auslan and NZSL are dialects of BSL (British sign language), these resources will also be of benefit to BSL signers.

As sign languages are visual our primarily resources are video clips located on our YouTube channel.

We currently have a physical location at the Logan Reserve Seventh-day Adventist church in South East Queensland, where most of our video material is recorded.

If you are in our neighbourhood and would like to attend, please contact us to enquire about the dates of our interpretered services. Where possible, we are happy to accommodate your needs. However, we do need at least 5 working days notice to arrange an interpreter.

You can also visit us at Google+.

If you have any constructive comments or suggestions for this website, including additional material, or improvements, please contact us.

Important Message

This website has been created on a trial basis. If you find this website and our Auslan videos valuable, please contact us and let us know.

If we do not hear from you we will assume you have no interest in this material and will discontinue the website and YouTube channel in January 2018.


In 2012 the Logan Reserve SDA church pastor ran a public program entitled, "The Prophetic Code". A Deaf person called to ask if Auslan interpretation would be available. Lindy, one of our church members who is deaf, reads lips and signs Auslan, volunteered to act as interpreter. Later in the program it was decided to pay for a professional Auslan interpreter. This was the start of an ongoing relationship with Auslan interpreters at Logan Reserve.

When The Prophetic Code program finished, it was decided that there was a need to offer Deaf people the opportunity to attend Logan Reserve church, and the church decided to continue to fund the cost of an Auslan interpreter once a month for the main church service, if a Deaf person wanted to come to church.

At the end of 2014 the church decided to expand the Auslan service from once a month to once a fortnight, if there was a demand for it. At the same time it was decided to video the interpreted service once a month and to load the video on a YouTube channel for the benefit of Deaf people who were unable to attend a church that offered an Auslan service.

This was the birth of the SDA Deaf Church Down Under, a virtual church for the benefit of Auslan signers.


Next Auslan Service

Our next Auslan interpreted service to be advised.

Lee Dunstan talks about Christian Services For the Blind and Hearing Impaired

Lee Dunstan talks about CSFBHI

Lee Dunstan is the Manager for Christian Services For the Blind and Hearing Impaired (CSFBHI), with its head office in Sydney, Australia.

In this presentation Lee talks about the services offered by CSFBHI for the blind, Deaf, hard of hearing, those with mental or physical disabilities, and orphans.

This presentation has proper English subtitles (closed captions) so be sure to select the English subtitles before you watch the video. It runs for approximately 23 minutes.

Other Links

Bible Study Guide (Easy Reading Edition) offers free study guides in easy reading English. Each guide focuses on a specific topic for one week, with a daily study on that topic.

The overall theme of the studies for the fourth quarter, 2016, is "The Book of Job".

Despite all the popular propaganda to the contrary, Christians have very logical and rational reasons to believe in God. And yet there's still the ever-present problem of evil. And thus the ever present question: If God exists, and is so good, so loving, and so powerful, why so much suffering?

Though mostly about one man, the book of Job is the story of us all in that we all suffer in ways that often seem to make no sense. But God gives us, early on, some answers to the most difficult of all issues. Some answers, but not all.

Yet, we'd miss a crucial point about the book of Job if we limited it only to suffering humanity's attempts to understand suffering humanity. The story appears in a context, that of the great controversy between Christ and Satan, which is portrayed here in the most literal of terms. And that's because it's the most literal of battles, one that began in heaven and is being played out here in the hearts, minds, and bodies of every human being.

The Bible study for the 22-29 Oct 2016, is entitled, Curse the Day. The text for the week is, “You are worthy to receive glory [great praise] and honor and power. You are worthy because you created all things. They were created and they exist [live]” (Revelation 4:11, NIrV).

Amazing Facts Bible Study Discussion on Video Amazing Facts provides a video discussion the Bible studies we have been doing week by week, including this week's study, as a closed captioned video. Please remember to turn on the closed captions.

Hope Channel Bible Study Discussion on Video Hope channel provides a different discussion of the same Bible studies on video with closed captions. Please remember to select the English closed captions.

Christian Services for the Blind and Hearing Impaired (CSFBHI) provides information about hearing loss and resources to encourage awareness and a greater understanding. Services offered include a free library of signed or subtitled videos on religion, scripture and history. For more information, including contact details, please visit their website.

Adventist Deaf Ministries International desire to help foster a sense of international community of fellowship, unity and encouragement as both the Deaf and the hearing participate together in God's mission. Please visit their website for videos, news, events, and resources.

Reaching the Deaf. Three Angels Deaf Ministries has published an excellent video on how to reach the Deaf with the good news of Jesus. This video has been prepared by Deaf people for hearing people. It contains ASL (with an audio interpretation), so if you use Auslan switch on the subtitles/closed captions. They are auto-generated English, but don't have too many errors.

The Deaf Bible School offers several different free Bible lessons for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Their aim is to help you learn more about Jesus Christ. Their lessons are designed to lead you step by step to the great truths of the Bible and to change your life!

The Bible Timeline provides a graphical timeline from creation to the present day. Each graphic is interactive and can be clicked for more detailed information.

“Can You Hear Us?” is an online booklet written by Esther Doss. Esther is the hearing daughter of deaf parents. This excellent booklet will increase your understanding of the world of the Deaf. It will also provide valuable insights including dispelling some common myths, and valuable pointers on how to interact with Deaf people.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us so we can answer any questions you have.

We would also be delighted to meet you in person.

Our contact details are:
eMail us at
or SMS us 0421 713319 (outside Australia 61 421 713319).

This webite was last revised on 23 October 2016.

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